Ghadeer Homestay


It is almost impossible to enjoy breakfast in Palestinian  without being offered a taste of thymes and olive oil. Usually, it is served  with hot black tea and fresh tomatoes. Thymes (Za'tar) can  also be used to season different  kinds of meat.  GhadeerKholouf grew up in Burqin village in Jenin district and was fed with Zatar since childhood. Today, she carries the tradition of Zatar making in her  small house which she set a part of it as a home-stay to  host tourists and to secure extra income for her family.  To prepare the Zatar, Ghadeer picks the fresh thyme leaves and dries them in the sun. When completely dry, she grounds the thymes, adds sesame seeds, salt, lemon juice, sumac spice and a cup of olive oil to give the Zatar its rich green color.

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