Remah Homestay

Stuffed Olives

Both  olives  and  olive  oil are regarded as  healthy  foods, because they are high in monounsaturated fats making the cultures whose diets are rich in this type of fat less prone to heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Having said that,  Palestinians are one of those cultures that entirely depends on olive and its oil making it more than logical for the home stays project to give special support to olive products.  In  her spacious  kitchen overlooking a dozen green houses, Remah Abbas  and her daughters work hand in hand to prepare stuffed olives, a recipe that gained absolute popularity among Palestinians.  To the home stays project, it is more than important to support Remah in her production and to enable her to turn it into a viable business. Therefore, Remah undertook several trainings and workshops in production and marketing and has also turned her home into the coziest homestay. Her homestay is gradually gaining popularity and is  helping her  provide for her family and also gain a sense of independence.

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