Hana Homestay

Eggplant Pulp Makdous

Widad Abu Salah is famous for her  fresh eggplant pickles that  compliment almost any dish, including  strained  yogurt with olive oil and hot fresh bread. Widad decided to start her own business from home to produce eggplant pickles to improve her family's economic status and to network with other Palestinian  women who work in the homestays program.  To make  eggplant pickles, the vegetable should be reaped  before it fully  grows, be washed and boiled until it becomes tender. Then, it is partially sliced and  filled with salt to  get rid of excess water. After 12 hours,  Widad prepares the  filling to stuff  the now dried eggplant; usually a mixed filling of nuts, parsley, garlic, carrots and salt.  Widad perceives the production of pickled eggplants as a fun and a great way to venture the world of traditional and local food  production.

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