Manar & Halimah Homestay

Shaddah, Malban, Raisins, Strained Yogurt and Almonds

Halima Manasra became interested in the homestay program instantly and turned the ground floor of her house into a suite that accommodates around six guests. She was also inspired by the program to begin working on her food products to start selling in the Palestinian market and for other homestays. With  her passion, Halima works on producing five products by herself, which are Malban, Shaddeh, raisins, strained yogurt and almonds.  Mainly made of white grapes,  Malban is a kind of sweet that once prepared makes a delicious treat for both kids and adults while Shaddeh is a product made of grape molasses and wheat and is a great energy snack.  She also produces strained yogurt and almonds, both essential ingredients for Palestinian cuisine. As Halima became the family breadwinner after the passing away of her husband, she started hosting people in  her house to make a living for her two children and to guarantee a good future for them.


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