Basema Homestay

Majdalawi Silk Products

The Nol weaving technique was the main old Palestinian fabric production that has evolved over the years, from the Canaanite era up until the British Mandate period in 1917, as the basis for the production of garment, especially al-Majdalawi Fabric that takes its name after Majdaltown. Al-Majdalawi dress was not limited to the people of Majdal, but was made and worn in about 1000 others villages in Palestine.  Basema Istatiah is one of many Palestinian women that have benefited greatly from the homestay project where she found enough support to develop her expertise in weaving al-Majdalawi silk fabric and selling it in the Palestinian market. She also found a great opportunity to network with the owners of other homestays across the country to display her product in their homes and to sell to visitors. Basema focuses her work on weaving traditional Palestinian handbags and pillows that remain an integral part of the Palestinian traditions, culture and history. In addition, she makes coasters, baby shoes and women shawls from wool.

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