Mission and approach

Rozana Association for the development of Architectural Heritage was established in 2007 to promote sustainable development in rural Palestine. Through partnerships and networks, Rozana has been developing and implementing a community-based, socially responsible approach in order to leverage existing resources and capacities to develop the community’s distinctive competencies, leveraging resources and capacities to generate sustainable income for residents and to improve their quality of life. Rozana's work is focused on five main areas: Architectural Heritage, Trails and Tours, Capacity Building, Networks and Partnerships, and Cultural Events.

Rozana Association offers a bundle of several educational, cultural and socially responsible events such as the Heritage Week, the Maftoul festival, thematic tours and paths, an enticing rehabilitation of village historic centers, shrines and Maqams and the opportunity to meet and stay with the local communities, in order to engage rural Palestine in socio-economic development.

The Rozana co leads two significant partnerships: the Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil www.masaribrahim.ps and the network of Palestinian Tourism Organizations (www.nepto.ps).

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